TDP Creates Ruckus Over Room In Parliament

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What does a party do if it has fewer MPs, but wants to grab most facilities in the Parliament Bhavan? It raises ruckus over petty issues and makes a hue and cry about it. It tries to use lung power to outshout others. The TDP is doing exactly that in New Delhi these days.

Having lost the Lok Sabha elections badly, the TDP now has just three Lok Sabha MPs, while the YSRCP has a bigger number. So, in the accommodation arrangements, the Lok Sabha secretariat has allotted the room that the TDP used to occupy all these years. The TDP has been using this room for over several years. The TDP tried to stall and delay this and used every trick in the trade. But, it had to finally give in to the stubborn and rule-minded secretariat. Now that they have been ousted, they decided to get the room that the YSRCP was using till now. So, the TDP MPs, especially Guntur's industrialist MP Galla Jayadev made it a huge issue and picked up an argument with the officials of the secretariat over the room (Room No 5). Finally, as a consolation, the secretariat allocated the room that the YSRCP had occupied till recently before it shifted to a bigger room to accommodate its MPs.

The TDP feels it's a mega victory  and the pro-TDP media have blared this 'achievement'. Room No 111 B has thus been “won” by the TDP. The rooms are allotted based on the strength of the party in the Lok Sabha. The TDP has been making a big issue of the allotment of the rooms.
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