TDP Camp Promoting Lakshmi 's NTR

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Ram Gopal Varma knows how to promote his films with free publicity. Using the social media & electronic media, He generates ample publicity required for taking his projects into the people. It has become the norm that an RGV-directorial has to get embroiled in a controversy at some stage.

In the case of 'Lakshmi's NTR', Ram Gopal Varma kept making headlines with controversial stuff right from the day the title announcement happened. The kind of comments made by Varma and promotional material released so far made the project very popular already.

Too much importance given by TDP Supporters for RGV's Publicity Gimmicks has been making people discuss more about 'Lakshmi's NTR' rather than NTR Biopic starring Balakrishna. Unknowingly, They seems to have fallen in the trap set by Varma.

The actual intention behind releasing 'Vennupotu' song on the same day NTR Audio Launch happened was to stir a controversy. Without even realizing it, TDP Supporters were making a hue & cry. Focus of public could have been more on NTR Biopic had if TDP Loyalists ignored Varma's publicity stunts.


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