TDP Belongs To NTR, Heritage Is Mine: Mohan Babu

As per the Media report, Mohan Babu disclosed shocking facts about how he was cheated by Chandrababu Naidu when it comes to Heritage Foods.

Mohan Babu didn't hesitate to say Chandrababu Naidu believes only in use & throw policy and he had the track record of cheating everyone who believed him including NTR. 'Heritage Foods is mine. Myself, Chandrababu and a friend Daaga established Heritage Foods. I hold majority of the stake in it, which means I had invested more than the other two. Babu invested very less compared to both of us. Few years after it was set up, Chandrababu Naidu sent few blank papers and asked us to sign. I signed on them believing him. Thereafter, He obtained my signature on few more papers. Few years later, I was shocked to know when they said Heritage Foods doesn't belong to Me. Approached court and the case lasted for several years. I had finally given up the fight after family members and friends cautioned Me about the consequences. After Me, Even Daaga was sent out of Heritage Foods in the same manner,' he disclosed.

Collection King alleged Chandrababu Naidu had even cheated farmers and government for the sake of Heritage Foods. He told, 'Heritage Foods Money was withdrawn from Banks citing expenditure and it's been offered to few farmers to project them as Shareholders. After sometime, Babu used to enact a drama as if he brought those shares from the farmers to avoid tax. He snatched TDP by cheating NTR, took away Heritage by cheating Me. I am ready to come with my family members and swear on god, be it in Tirupati, Kanipakam and Vijayawada. Can Chandrababu Naidu do that by bringing his family?'.