Three Parties Vanish In Just 5 Years

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See how things change. What looks spunky and rose sometimes ago is but a relic today. YSRCP was the victor from Khammam in 2014. The second biggest party was TDP. In Khammam MP elections in 2014, YSRCP's Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy was the winner. He had got 4.22 lakh votes. He had defeated Nama Nageswara Rao of the TDP who got 4.10 lakh votes. CPI's Narayana got 1.87 lakh votes. Between them they got nearly 10 lakh votes.

But this time around, there is no YSRCP, no TDP and no CPI. The first two parties are as good as dead. The YSRCP's MP and the two MLAs had switched over to the TDP. The TDP candidate then is the TRS candidate now. The CPI has no interest in Khammam, once its stronghold.

Today, it's TRS vs Congress with Nama and Renuka Chowdary locking horns. In just five years, two parties had simply died and one is in comatose condition. The TRS which was nowhere in the race, is now the front runner. Strange are the ways of politics.
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