T MPs Fail To Utilise Rs 100 Crore

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The MPs are meant to serve the people and they have been given Rs 5 crore per annum to take up developmental activities in their respective constituencies. Thus they get to spend Rs 25 crore for the people during their term. These are known as MP Local Area Development Funds (MPLADS).

But, do you know that most of your MPs from Telangana have not spent the money allocated to them all through their stint. Yes, a report of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation tabled by the Centre has shown that as many as 18 Lok Sabha MPs and 7 Rajya Sabha MPs from the state have not spent the amount.

Thus Rs 100 crore, that could have been spent for the local area development have remained unspent. Some like Kadiyam Srihari were MPs for a short period. Hence the amount is only Rs 100 crore. But, even that amount has not been spent.  Some MPs did spend some money but failed to provide utilisation certificate, audit certificate and monthly progress report, due to which further instalments were not released. So much for our leaders' concern for the poor people. The Rs 100 crore could have been used for taking up some micro and mega developmental projects in their respective constituencies.
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