Sye Raa had a poor show on TV!

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Telugu audiences loved to see Khaidi No. 150 of Chiranjeevi on TV but did not show same interest in his biggie, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. The film got only 11.84 TRP ratings while it's Tamil debut got over 15 TRPs.

The problem is with the marketing of the broadcaster Gemini TV, say the fans of Megastar while some are trying to show this as an example of how disinterested people were about the film.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh got better TRPs than Sye Raa and this astonished many. Sye Raa did become a good grosser in Telugu states for people to show such low interest in watching the film on TV.

Sye Raa is available on Amazon Prime from past 4 months and even GG too. No one can say that just because it is on OTT platform people did not prefer to watch it on TV, as people would have been more interested to watch the film on TV in traditional way as a festival tradition.

Anyways, some fans are arguing that the film had a poor show because the families were at theatres catching up with festival releases.

Well, these all seem to be just excuses to cover up for a fact that movie is made for theatrical viewing and did better where it matters.
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