Sye Raa TV Premiere: An Epic Failure!

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Digital Platforms have been proving costly for Television Channels who procure Satellite Rights of Star-Studded Films for fancy prices. In the past, We have seen films of Mahesh Babu under-performing on the small screen. And now, Even the Mega Films are facing the similar situation.

Gemini TV conducted the first Television premiere of 'Sye Raa' during the Sankranthi season. The channel expected a TRP of anywhere between 20 to 24. Whereas, The patriotic flick could only manage 11.81 (Urban) TRP. This isn't expected from a film which created a Non-Baahubali Record in terms of Box Office revenue.

Major reason behind the low TRP is the availability of 'Sye Raa' on Amazon Prime since many weeks. Which means, Majority of those who wish to watch the Magnum Opus had seen it even before the Television screening happened.

Ram-starrer 'iSmart Shankar' received 16.63 TRP for its first Television premier because it wasn't on Amazon Prime. This Puri-directorial was placed on Zee5 Platform only a week before the TV Screening. Better if Producers and TV Channels plan well to obtain good viewership.
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