Last Minute Hurdles For Sye Raa In USA!

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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy premieres in USA have become a problem due to the last minute hurdles and tensions in Sye Raa team camp.

The team sent hard drives of different languages to USA in separate packages as the sound mixing work for the film was pending. The final drive to every location in the world has been shipped on Sunday, it seems.

USA distributors did everything in their limit to push for the on-line premieres in all locations as the demand for the tickets os huge. They want to cash in on the rush but the onlookers suggest that the premieres could begin with 5pm shows but not 2 pm in several areas.

As we dig deep, some corrections have been made audio wise to the previous versions and these new drives have arrived late and delayed, it seems.

To arrange for the premiere shows in every location from 2 pm or 3 pm shows, the distributors and exhibitors are working round the clock. For major centres they sent the copies quickly but for the centres that are remote, the drives will take time to reach the location, it seems.

As off now, distributors are rushing and even Sye Raa team is rushing as much as they can to reach the deadline say sources and reports from USA!


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