Megastar And Superstar Should Talk About NRC?

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NRC and CAA have become biggest political issues of India and BJP led NDA Government has decided to end many issues that were long in pending.

Among those are NRC and CAA. But they excluded Muslims from neighbouring countries to get automatic citizenship in India and that became the root cause for ruckus.

Rajnikanth said that protests are unnecessary on CAA and NRC, as people should try to understand the intentions behind them, rather than creating chaos in the country.

Giving this as an example, Swetha Reddy, a Journalist made comments against Megastar Chiranjeevi, Superstar Mahesh.

She asked them to come out and speak out on at least social media platforms on the issue. She slammed them as opportunists and lack a back bone.

But Telugu states have even more deeper issues to deal with than CAA and NRC. So, if they can talk about them first, that would be better than National issues.

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