YCP Wave In 2019 Lok Sabha Polls: Survey

Latest Survey of Republic TV-C Voter predicts the landslide victory of YSR Congress Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls.

As per the survey, YCP will be bagging not less than 19 Lok Sabha Seats in 2019 Elections. On the other hand, TDP is likely to be restricted to 6 MP Seats.

Neither BJP nor Congress could win a single MP Seat in Andhra Pradesh. The same thing applies for Jana Sena Party as well.

YSR Congress Party is going to get a mammoth vote share of 41.3 percent. TDP could manage only 33.1 percent vote share.

In 2014, TDP and BJP won 15 and 2 MP Seats respectively contesting together. YCP managed to win 8 MP Seats in that elections. And now, Main Opposition will be bagging anywhere close to 20 seats on its own.