Did Suriya Miss A Golden Opportunity?

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Suriya is looking for a blockbuster success from several years. Thaana Serndha Koottam, NGK haven't worked as much as he hoped in any market.

Kaappan had a great interest in Tamil market as it is a huge budget action flick with KV Anand as director who gave Suriya, a blockbuster.  

In Telugu, Bandobast, the telugu title of the movie, wouldn't have had any impact but in TN, Kaappan could have used Vinayakar Charthuthi holiday in a grand manner.

The opening would have been great as Tamil audiences showed least interest in Saaho and it is the only market that underperformed for the film while North markets exceeded expectations.

From Tuesday, people suspect the movie will loose audiences and screens all over. So, Suriya could have gambled and had his movie found appreciation, automatically, he could have released it on 6th September in other markets gaining on Saaho failure.

He may argue that he couldn't have predicted such a result for Saaho but he could have at least seen the base reality in Tamil markets and planned accordingly!

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