This Star Hero's Planning Goes Haywire!

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Until few years ago, A lot of people used to admire Suriya for choice of subjects and clap-worthy performances. He, however, kept disappointing his fans in the recent past with projects that are no match to his stature. People wondered why should a brilliant actor like Suriya do a remake flick 'Gang' and horror flick with routine flashback 'Rakshasudu'. And the 'Singham' franchise was dragged to an extent that people got vexed with the cop dramas.

 When Suriya teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Selvaraghavan, Movie Buffs expected the deadly combination to deliver a remarkable output. 'NGK' was nowhere close to achieving cult classic status. The buzz for 'Bandobast' is terrible to say the least. Films of lesser known Heroes are making more noise these days. Whether if it will receive theatre rentals or not in Telugu States on the release day is a mystery for now.

Did Suriya got carried away just because Director KV Anand offered him two good films (Ayan, Brothers) in the past. Fans couldn't accept him in the role of a bodyguard, even if it's for Mohan Lal. This is the major reason why nobody is bothered about when 'Bandobast' will hit the screens.

May be, Suriya need to stop relying on Filmmakers who created wonders a decade ago and encourage fresh talent. That's the only way to win the hearts of Younger Generation!
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