What Happened To Suriya In Telugu?

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Ghajini, Sivaputrudu made Suriya, a known name all over the Telugu states. The actor earned big time respect, fans for his film choices. He grew to the level of star heroes in Telugu.

With Surya S/O Krishnan, Veedokkade, Aaru, Brothers, Seventh Sense taking big openings in Telugu states and Singham/Yamudu franchise taking him into masses, many thought his market can never decrease but all that has become history.

24 did work in Telugu states and Tamil Nadu but Massu Engira Masilamani/Rakshasudu, Singham 3, Anjaan/Sikander, Thaana Serndha Koottam/Gang and NGK failing in Telugu states miserably, he seems to have lost all the market, he gained.

His film, Bandobast/Kaappan in Telugu is not having any buzz and Lyca Productions, the producer had to ask TV channels to play the promos of their film, as many times as they wish with no payment till 15th September, openly.

This is a big fall for Suriya from scaring biggest of stars in Telugu Cinema. His films used to get a big release as Geetha Arts, UA helped him in association with KE Gnanavelraja.

With disasters eating up all his market, his Bandobast pre-release event all looked lackluster. Movie is releasing on 20th September and no one has any idea about it even on Social media.

 Hope, Suriya rises from this fall and don't struggle like Chiyaan Vikram, who is showing no sign of recovery. He grew to even bigger heights with Aparichitudu, Sivaputrudu but today, his release is just a formality as some distributors hope to hit a jackpot or loose minimal amount with his films.

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