Suresh who burnt MRO Vijaya Reddy lost his life

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Tahasildar Vijaya Reddy's Murder case has created a sensation in the state. Many Tahasildars have made arrangements for their safety. Reportedly in most of the offices, the public cannot enter the Tahasildar office beyond certain restrictions.

Accused Suresh who poured petrol on Vijaya Reddy has set fire on himself too. Later he went to the Police station and surrendered himself.

If the reports are to be believed, the doctors have declared Suresh dead today morning who was admitted to Osmania Hospital with full burns.

According to the reports, the police have recorded the declaration of accused Suresh. He said that regarding a land dispute he went to meet Vijaya Reddy and she did not consider his request and due to this, he took this step. He even added that, with Vijaya Reddy not responding to this, his family faced a lot of problems. For this reason, he developed a grudge on her and set her on flames.

Vijaya Reddy's car driver Gurnatham, who was injured with huge burns also lost his life today.
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