Suresh Productions stopping Superstar's film!

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Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya's multi-starrer 'Venky Mama' which released on 13th December proved to be successful at the box-office. The chemistry between Venky and Chay along with ample comedy made it a good hit. Having an own release helped the film a lot as it is still running in a good number of theatres. Luck is on the side of Suresh productions as no big hero film released till date which helped 'Venky Mama' to get stable collections.

Now, Rajnikanth's 'Darbar' got released worldwide amidst huge hype but the film is not getting the required cooperation from Suresh Productions as per reports. They are still running 'Venky Mama' in some theatres despite 'Darbar' release which is upsetting Rajni's films.

Reportedly, Suresh Babu is planning to run 'Venky Mama' in the theatres which is the reason why 'Darbar' did not get enough screens in Telugu states. We have to wait and see how Suresh Babu responds on this. People are wondering about the position of small films if Rajni's film itself have to face this situation.
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