New Branch For Suresh Productions

Suresh productions are only one of the most popular production houses in the industry. Whether it is a small budget film or a big budget one, people expect minimum guarantee movies that will entertain all sections of family audience from Suresh banner.

But, from the past few days, some of the sections of audience are commenting that no good movies are coming out when Suresh Babu is giving his banner to other producers. On this note, Suresh Babu took a crucial decision. He has decided to bring up another banner. The star producer himself has revealed this news. "Suresh Movies banner has a good name in the industry and people expect good and family movies from this banner. But in some situations, other movies also came out from our banner. The audience will have minimum expectations when it comes to Suresh Movies Banner films. So we are going to bring up another banner on which we are going to produce outsiders' films and we will continue our movies under the original banner" said Suresh Babu.

Earlier, Geetha Arts and Harika and Hassine Creations Banners also started other branches. Now, Suresh Babu is also going to join this league.