Suresh Babu Talks About His 'Sad' State!

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Suresh Babu is head of multiple wings of business for Suresh Productions and he was expressing his concerns about Exhibition business.

Exhibitors are the theatre owners who run major to minor cinemas at there screens in different cities or selected areas. Suresh Babu owns several theatres across Telugu states.

Talking to a senior journalist in an interview, he said that he is facing crisis as an exhibitor due to lack of quality films, economic slowdown and Netflix, Amazon emergence.

He further stated that maintaining a theatre as become such a problem that he is unable to pay bills, leave alone giving salaries to staff.

He expressed exasperation over the success percentages falling down to single digits more rapidly and said that only big films like Saaho and Sye Raa are attracting audiences t theatres, irrespective of content.

He also exclaimed that Netflix, Amazon Prime have further worsened the situation so much that most of the regular audience have decided to wait for 3-4 weeks for official streaming than rushing to a theatre.

Well, while Netflix and Amazon Prime should be asked for a better window before digital release of a new film, it is advisable for the producers to encourage more people to walk into theatres and put in such efforts in improving quality of the films than just expressing their concerns.
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