Supriya Sule's Emotional Tweet on Sharad Pawar

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The Maharashtra politics in an interesting turn not only shocked the opponents, but also the NCP party and Sharad Pawar's family was split into two. NCP chief Sharad Pawar's daughter Supriya Sule took to Twitter to share her feelings on the ongoing political twists and the backstabbing of Ajit Pawar.

"Who do u trust in life.... never felt so cheated in my life…… Defended him loved him… look what i get in return….," her tweet read.

"Not able to understand whom to believe and whom not to. This is one of the difficult days of my life. This is a difficult period for my family," she added.

She has also thanked the public who stood by them in these difficult situations and supported them. Her recent tweets became viral and many Twitterati have also retweeted her Tweet.

Talking about her father Sharad, she lauded him saying he fought like a true Maratha warrior irrespective of the result. She also lashed out at Modi-Shah duo and the people backstabbing her father like Ajit for creating problems for Sharad in this age.

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