In Talk: 2.O's Superb Finishing Touch!

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Nobody has to teach how a social issue can be presented in a cinematic manner. Most of his feature films have been based on social cause & even '2.O' is no different.

In '2.O', Shankar presented the side effects of Cell Phone radiation quite well. While few VFX Shots were mind blowing, Few have been pretty ordinary & appeared like cartoon stuff. Overall, Shankar was able to deliver what he has envisioned according to the budget limitations.  

Finishing Touch of '2.O' is simply superb. People just loved watching Mini Robo with Rajinikanth's mannerisms towards the end and they just can't wait to watch '3.O'.

Overall, The reactions of movie buffs who watched '2.O' so far have been largely positive. Most of them are really thrilled with the breathtaking visual effects presented in 3D.

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