Sundar Pichai Prediction For World Cup Final

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai predicted that ICC ODI World Cup final will be between India and England.

At the India Ideas Summit of USIBC where he was presented the Global Leadership Award, Sundar Pichai answered the query from Nisha Desai Biswal on who he thinks would be playing the World Cup final. 'It might be India and England but can't rule out Australia and New Zealand who are also very good teams,' he opined.

Mr.Pichai told Android powers almost all phones being used in India and Google has been constantly working towards making the smartphones cheaper so that more population could afford it.

As of now, India, England, Australia and New Zealand appears to be the four strongest teams out of 10 teams playing 2019 World Cup. There is every possibility of these four teams qualifying for the Semis unless rain changes the course of the tournament.

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