Sukumar Is Also Dragged Into Falaknuma Das Controversy!

Falaknuma Das did not become a huge success with audiences as much as the team expected. The movie is running well in only selected areas.

But the controversy is keeping the film in the news. Actor-Producer-Director Vishwaksen did scold few people in his Instagram video and many thought he meant it for public who agitated against his movie, fans of Vijay Devarakonda and critics.

He clarified once the controversy became huge and said that he never meant any harm to anyone and did not anyone except those who really wanted his film to be out of theatres. He apologised to others who might have felt bad.

As it is becoming yesterday news, Sukumar joined the bandwagon who praised the film and said that Vishwaksen should be praised for showing Hyderabad in such a daring way. He always wished to show Hyderabad such way said the director. 

His comments triggered few people who thought he is supporting bad behaviour of Vishwaksen in their eyes and as Sukumar said that movie shouldn't have been given an ''A'', many felt he is trying to push the envelope too much, which is unrealistic.

In any case, Sukumar unnecessarily dragged himself into a controversy that doesn't concern him at all!