Sukumar Got A Shock From Bunny Too?

Sukumar did not expect that Mahesh will cancel the project completely even though he waiter for the actor an year after massive blockbuster like Rangasthalam.

His old friend, Allu Arjun did come to his rescue as all other big stars seem to be locked for Sukumar to try for someone else until Mahesh decides to give him another chance.

He narrated a script to Bunny and the actor loved it. Hence, they both decided to work again.

A friend of Allu Arjun, heard the story and gave the actor an Hollywood film with similar story and even explained to him, why the movie did not work, it seems.

Actor watched the movie and talked to Sukumar about the film, it seems. He smoothly asked his friend to come up with another script, it seems.

Well, this came as a shocker for Sukumar as he was hoping to start his movie from July and now, he has to work on a new story and script. Nobody knows how much time, he will take!