Sujana Says Will Enter Direct Election Politics

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TDP-turned-BJP politico and Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary has now announced that he is going to enter into direct electoral politics. Till now has always taken the Rajya Sabha route to power. Now, he says, he would contest direct eections. He said whatever he did was history and that what he would do now will be different. He said he would work for the glory of the BJP. He also prophesied that the BJP will come to power in the state.

His bragging seems funny because till the other day, he was Chandrababu Naidu's Man Friday and did his bidding. He has only recently joined the BJP to save himself from the spate of cases filed against him.

Not just Sujana Chowdary, even the other three Rajya Sabha MPs too have joined the party either due to the cases pending against them or to stave off financial losses. One MP had proclaimed that he was joining the BJP only for the development of the Rayalaseema region. The BJP, which has welcomed them into the party, is ending up as a laughing stock. The fact is that he has taken huge amounts as loans and has now joined the BJP only to save himself. But, he claims he has done it for Rayalaseema's sake.

One wonders, if Sujana Chowdary is such a powerful man, why did he not fight direct elections till now when he was in the TDP? Why did he not display his popularity till now?
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