Sujana Vs CM Ramesh: Round 1 Goes To Ramesh

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The rivalry between two TDP turncoats who joined the BJP is intensifying. Both industrialists and moneybags for the party they work for, Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh are trying to get closer to Amit Shah these days. If the sources are to be believed, CM Ramesh is succeeding while Sujana is lagging behind in this. Sujana was said to be tasked in luring Congress and TDP leaders into the BJP, while CM Ramesh has been tasked with mobilising support for the BJP whenever crucial bills are on the Rajya Sabha table.

While Sujana did not achieve any major success so far, CM Ramesh is said to have become the key man for Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha. He is talking to MPs from various parties and states and is ensuring that the key bills are passed easily. It is said that Amit Shah is regularly calling CM Ramesh in the early hours of the day and is discussing strategy with him. Though the BJP whip in Rajya Sabha is Narayan Lal Panchariya, Amit Shah is reportedly interacting more with CM Rajesh.  Amit Shah is said to be viewing CM Ramesh as a very valuable asset.

Sources say Sujana Chowdary is miffed at this. He is trying hard to get into the good books of Amit Shah, but is unable mainly because the situation in AP and the strong position of the YSRCP are making it difficult for Sujana to bring key leaders from other parties into the BJP. So, a competition of sorts is raging between both the leaders.
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