Sujana Is Trying To Become 'Real BJP'

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Sujana Chowdary, it appears, has taken his job as a BJP MP quite seriously. He appears to have decided to work for the BJP in the right earnest. He is said to have hired a PR firm to organise meetings in various districts of Andhra Pradesh. The aim of these meetings is to get closer to the RSS establishment and the BJP leadership. He is planning to organise meetings involving the leaders of both the organisations.

The idea is to understand the functioning and the working traditions of the RSS and the BJP deeply. He is also trying to invite intellectuals in the RSS to teach him the basics of the RSS philosophy and work ethics. He has already deployed some of trusted employees to identify key leaders of the RSS with whom he can deal.

Interestingly, he is the only TDP defectors into the BJP, who has organised a welcome meeting for himself in Vijayawada. In a well-attended meeting, he explained why he joined the BJP and told the audience that more than the cases, it was the "ideology" of the party that attracted him.  Even TG Venkatesh, a self-proclaimed former ABVP activist, too did not organise such a meeting.


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