Sujana's Sensational Statement On Capital Shift

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Sujana Chowdary declared that shifting of capital from Amaravati won't be allowed at any cost. He claims to have made this statement upon holding discussions with the Union Government. 'State Government might have the authority on capital but the powers of Centre will be explained at the right time. Can't understand why they need 3 capitals? There is no requirement for Rs 1 lakh crore to build Amaravati,' he said.

The BJP Leader cautioned shifting Capital will lead to a burden of Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 crore on the State Exchequer. He opined, 'Voters of Capital Region voted against TDP in the recent elections as it failed to complete the construction works. Will YCP Govt pay the compensation if the Contractors move the courts?'.

Sujana Chowdary recalled YS Jagan welcoming Amaravati as AP Capital when he was the Opposition Leader. He went on to say, 'Not even a single MLA opposed Amaravati as the new capital. People had voluntarily donated Rs 42 crore for Amaravati. Land allotments were done for 130 Central Govt Institutions. Not even a single work was completed in the capital since 7 months. You can't keep changing the capital just because a new king has arrived. This Govt is just indulging in vote bank politics by focussing only on Nava Rathnalu. Endowment Lands and Varsity Assets were kept on sale by the YCP Govt. Businessmen has been running away from the state. Capital doesn't mean replacing a car or building the structures wherever CM wishes to work. Why Jagan isn't explaining the reasons behind change of capital?'.
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