Story of Hemant Soren who is expected to become CM in Jharkhand

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Young Leader Hemant Soren is in news since hours with the final counting of votes for the Jharkhand Assembly polls 2019 started today. It has been widely reported that he will be the CM for the second time. The JMM alliance has already reached the majority mark. This is not an easy win as the alliance has crushed the BJP to do so.

Looking back at his political history, fights for lands in the state under Hemant Soren's leadership played a key role in his win. Jharkhand is home for around 45 percent of the mineral wealth of the country.

The Law of the land in Jharkhand states that innocent Tribals should not get deceived in the sales and buying of the lands in the hands of people belonging to big castes and big companies.'Chotanagpur Tenancy Act' and 'Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act' are the key laws in the state.

Looking back at the history, the Raghubar Das government in 2016 has Amendmended these two laws. This created flexibility for others to take the lands of Tribals for government and private development works.

With this Heman hit the roads to safeguard the interest of the Tribals. The fight for land rights eventually turned into a movement. Lakhs of Tribals have joined the protest started by Hemant.

If all the reports come true Hemant will become CM for the second time. Earlier, he held the CMO office for a brief period of six months post the President's Rule in 2013. He held the office from 2013 July 13 to 2014 December 28.
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