Skeleton At Nag's Farm Linked To 2016 Suicide

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Skeleton found at the Farm House owned by Akkineni Nagarjuna in Papireddy Gudem of Kesampeta Mandal on Wednesday created a sensation. Police chased the mystery even before media could come up with various theories.

The skeleton was identified as that of Chakali Pandu (30) who committed suicide in a dilapidated house in the 50-acres N-Agro Farms. Few Individuals who reached the farmhouse to conduct plantation works alerted the police after finding the decomposed body. A case of suspicious death was registered and investigation was done based on the Aadhaar Card in the purse found near the body.

Chakali Pandu, a resident of Papireddyguda Village, left the house in 2016 upon writing a suicide note informing how depressed he was at that time due to the demise of his Elder Brother who suffered from kidney disease. In the suicide note, He held none responsible for his death and regretted either marrying or having children. Pandu mentioned his share of Rs 19 lakh in the sale of family property has to be given to his Mother. Family Members refrained from lodging any police complaint after he went missing. Report from the Forensic Science Laboratory could reveal more details about the case.

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