Star heroes putting a heavy burden on producers!

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Barring few miracles like 'Baahubali', most of the star hero films are not yielding good profits. Producers are either facing heavy losses or just ending up with minor profits. In addition to these, some heroes down south are adding more burden on their shoulders.

A producer's job is really tough. He needs to take care of the hospitality of cast and crew, their remunerations, locations and many more. On top of it, they are completely responsible for every expense of star hero right from the starting day till the film is released. Sadly, few stars in Telugu and Tamil are shoving their own family vacation expenditures on producers. Starting from their stay to travel, every penny is being given by the producers. It is very harsh as stars demand crores as remuneration and are making the producers pay for their family trips.

With star hero films not getting huge profits, the additional costs are causing a lot of trouble for producers and investors. This is making them hesitate to work with star heroes. Hope this scenario changes in future.
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