Star Parties Fail Poll Wars

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When it came to film star's dabbling in politics, south film industry takes the cake. While in the North, the most that the film stars aimed at was an MP seat and some cameos in Parliament. Take the case of Govinda, Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan. They came, they saw and then they went away. But, things are differeing down in the South India.

The likes of Karunanidhi- MGR- NTR and Jayalalitha have founded parties or ran then efficiently. They led their parties to stupendous victories and became chief ministers. Karunanidhi took over from Annadurai and led the party to victory. He is one of the longest standing CMs in India. MGR, who was once his follower, fell out and founded AIADMK. He was the CM as long as he lived. Jayalalitha fought full-pitched battles and was at her combative best. He was the Chief Minister several times.  NTR took just nine months to form a party and decimate the Congress in Andhra Pradesh.

But, all that seems to be passe now. The film stars now finding that the mojo is missing. They are forming parties al right. But, these parties are ending up at best as jokes. Take the case  of Kamal Haasan. His Makkal neethi Maiyum came with a bang and ended with a whimper. The party failed to win even a single seat. At best, it has ended up as a mere footnote. Even before his party's principales could be explained, the party died a silent death. Ditto with Pawan Kalyan. He came with much fanfare. He gave fiery speeches and attracted huge crowds. But, when the votes were counted, he had won just one seat in AP Assembly. But, he received the biggest shock of his life when he lost badly from both the seats he had contested from. Now, no one is talking about him. Kannada super star Upendra too ended up as a joke. His party came and went without actually doing anything.

The film stars must now think twice before launching political parties.