Star Heroines Getting Involved In The Secret Business!

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The career span of a heroine is very short compared to the heroes. Though there are a few heroines who are surviving in the industry for over a decade, their chances are getting slim with each passing day. So, a few senior star heroines like reportedly are venturing in a secret business.

Apparently, actresses like Shreya, Trisha and others are putting their hard-earned money into film production through some trusted persons. With the help of these persons, they are investing in small films and financing a few other projects discreetly. Also, they are setting up small production banners by hiding their identity and putting money in some promising low-budget films. Sources reveal that they are involved secretly in the business of a few films produced by a renowned banner. If the film succeeds, they will get good profits for their investment and helps them in earning more money.

This new strategy by senior actresses is good in a way as it gives them financial security even after their acting career comes to an end.
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