Buzz: Star Hero Looking To Hold A "Record Success" Event!

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According to the inside buzz of the Industry, following one star hero's recent big event another star hero also wants to hold the similar kind of meet, it seems.

He personally wants to call all the distributors of his film to the event, it seems. He also wants them to speak about the "record collections" of the film, at the meet, it seems.

Other star hero did it already but this star hero doesn't know about it completely, it seems. He just wants to announce that his film has collected "record breaking numbers", it seems.

Producers of the film are not interested in such an event and they want to just move forward from all the fight it seems. While the hero is thrilled with the success, the producers know the ground reality and they want to move past it, as soon as they can, it seems.  

Interestingly, even the one who aggressively fought with other production house, is also unwilling to pay for such an event, it seems.

So, the hero is looking for sponsors to conduct the event and "celebrate", it seems. Well, the other hero too did the same!
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