Sridhar Babu - PCC Chief? Uttam - AICC GS?

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Congress High Command seems to be seriously considering the revamp of Telangana Congress Leadership to revive the lost glory. Speculations are abuzz that Sridhar Babu could be appointed as Telangana PCC Chief and Current PCC Chief might be offered the post of AICC General Secretary.

Just when the speculations were doing rounds, An interesting conversation happened between Uttam Kumar Reddy and Sridhar Babu in Gandhi Bhavan. Uttam joked with Sridhar Rao, 'From now, You will be issuing B-Forms'. In reply, Sridhar Babu said: 'You will be  the one who sends those B-Forms from Delhi'.

Few days ago, Congress MLA Jagga Reddy commented Uttam Kumar Reddy will continue as PCC Chief. He, however, maintained one among Sridhar Babu, Komatireddy Brothers and Ponnam Prabhakar will be preferred if at all there is a change in the leadership. This gave an impression that Jagga Reddy had prior information about the leadership change.

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