Sridevi's Death Not An Accident, But Murder?

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Sridevi died under mysterious circumstances in Dubai. The Actress got drowned in the bathtub of Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel where she stayed for a family wedding.

A Top Cop made sensational comments on the mysterious death of the Evergreen Actress. 'My Friend who was a Forensic Expert told Me that Sridevi's death could be a murder, not an accidental death. A Person could never get drowned in a one-foot deep water-tub no matter how much drunk he/she might be. Such things can happen only when someone holds both legs and sinks the head into the water,' he said.

Several doubts has been raised over the death of Sridevi by fans across the World. This shocking revelation by the Police Officer could make people think about the possibilities of re-investigations.

If the family members of Sridevi believe it's an accidental death, Why should anybody worry about it? At least, They knew more than what an Outsider does and it's better not to dig into the past based on such unproductive theories.

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