KCR Kills Opposition, Democracy Through Defections

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Democracy is incomplete without an Opposition. When there is no credible opposition, parties that are in ruthless majority can turn despotic and bulldoze the people. So a strong, vocal opposition is key to the survival of democracy. In Telangana however, this is sadly missing these days.

During the TRS 1.0, KCR has managed to merge the TDP legislature party into the TRS. This time around, the Congress has been officially merged into the TRS. Despite having a massive majority, the TRS wants to eat away the Congress. Though the Congress is challenging it in the courts of law, the delivery of the verdict could take a lot of time. In fact, the next elections could come faster than the verdict. However, only a legislative unit's merger is possible. The actual Congress still has some life and some fight left in it. The party has some strong and unflinching leaders and it managed to revive itself in the Lok Sabha elections.

However, the defectors were waiting for PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy to resign from the assembly. With this, the Congress majority has come down to 18. As a result, 12 MLAs defected en masse, making it two thirds. Only six MLAs remained loyal to the congress. These 12 MLAs approached the Speaker with a request to merge the party in the TRS. The speaker moved with alacrity and approved the merger. What is bizarre is that these very MLAs opposed KCR tooth and nail before the elections and now they find his 'welfare schemes' very attractive. One wonders when the realisation dawned on them. Despite having a road-roller majority, the TRS is still trying to weaken the Opposition, which is highly undemocratic.

Now with just 6 MLAs, the Congress is one seat less than the MIM and has lost the Opposition status. The MIM could get the Opposition status, but MIM is now on the friendliest terms with the TRS. So, the house will have no Opposition worth the name.
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