Sour Update From 'Maharshi'

'Superstar' Mahesh Babu's 25th film 'Maharshi' has it's second teaser '#JoinRishi' released on the eve of Ugadi and created a new record of getting 10 Million views in a single day The film is scheduled to release on 9th of May, 2019. Well, it seems like things might not fall in place on time.

It has been reported that a song will be chopped out of the film and might be added to film post-release. With a month to hit the screen, the film still has talkie part to complete in Abu Dhabi and a couple of sings which has to be shot indoors. The makers felt that it might consume more time and it would push back the release date. The film was supposed to be released on 26th of April and postponed for a couple of times already. With no other choice to be left, the team has decided to drop a song down and its sour news for the fans who were celebrating the new records of 'Maharshi'. Chances of adding to them post-release is also slim as it didn't work out for 'F2'.