Solid Assembly of Tier-3 Stars For Sandeep Kishan!

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When you are down and out, to comeback you have either punch above your weight or go all out to gain as much luck from others as possible to see if the things change for you. Sandeep Kishan is trying both!

He is punching above his weight as a producer and bringing all his friends from the Industry to the pre-release event of his film, Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene.

The teasers with Vennela Kishore's shadow in the mirror when Sandeep Kishan tries to look at one, have become trendy on social media.

They did bring in new buzz to the film too. And the washroom publicity got viral too. Now Sudheer Babu, Nikhil Siddhartha, Naveen Polishetty, Sri Vishnu, Karthikeya, Viswaksen are invited to the pre-release event of the film.

All of them have managed to score better returns for their films than him in recent past and that might have triggered Sandeep to ask them to attend his big event.

Sandeep needs all the luck he can gather as from past 3 years, he couldn't score a hit and lost most of his audiences too!


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