It's Official: Smriti Irani Not A Graduate!

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Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani declared in her election affidavit filed in 2014 that she graduated from Delhi University's School Of Open Learning in 1994. She made the same declaration during her nomination to Rajya Sabha in 2017. However, DU issued a clarification that she had never studied in their educational institution.

In the new affidavit filed to contest from Amethi Constituency, Smriti Irani admitted that she had studied only up to Intermediate. She did mentioned about not completing the 3-years course Bachelor of Commerce Part-1. Smriti Irani have assets worth Rs 4.71 crore. She also have 89 lakh cash in bank accounts, jewellery worth Rs 21 lakh and vehicles worth Rs 13.

Congress took this opportunity to mock Smriti Irani with the comment, 'A new serial is coming - Kyunki Mantri Bhi Kabhi Graduate Thi'. The opening line will be...'Qualifications Keep Changing'.

In reply, Smriti Irani told she will work even more harder in Amethi to defeat Rahul Gandhi if Congress continues to harass.