Smriti Irani Takes A Dig At Priyanka

Smriti Irani made a shocking remark about Priyanka Gandhi Vadra which is now going viral on the internet. She stated that Priyanka didn't know her name five years ago but is talking only about it now.

In an interview, Smriti Irani said Priyanka Gandhi took her husband Robert Vadra's name less but her name more. "She (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) did not know my name 5 years back. But now, she keeps taking my name all the time. Now a days, she takes her husband's name less and my name more." commented Smriti.

When Sharad Yadav commented on Smriti she took it seriously and BJP fired on him for talking to a lady in such a rude manner. But now, despite being a lady herself, Smriti taking a dig at Priyanka made the people fume on Smriti.