Small Film Making Full Use Of Devarakonda's craze

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Dashing hero Vijay Devarakonda rose to stardom in a very short span. His subtle acting, attitude and natural style became a rage among youth and he gained immense craze amongst them. Now a small film is trying to make use of Vijay's craze to their benefit.

They named their film as 'Devarakondalo Vijay Premakatha'. Actor Srikanth recently released the film's poster. Starring Vijay Shankar and Mouryani, this film is directed by debutant Venkata Ramana. Using Vijay's name brought them a hell lot of publicity. While some are calling it cheap publicity, fans of Devarakonda are in joy to watch their hero's super popularity.

Earlier too, there were films named after celebrities to use their craze like 'Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi', 'Superstar Kidnap' and 'Daughter of Varma'. But it is too be seen if this strategy on naming a film on Vijay brings people to theatres or not.