Sita Temple In Sri Lanka...This Indian CM's Top Priority!

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Madhya Pradesh Government declared that its going to construct a Goddess Sita Temple in Sri Lanka  & International-level Buddha Museum in Sanchi on a grand level. This announcement has arrived from Chief Minister Kamal Nath himself after a meeting with representatives of Mahabodhi Society.

CM Kamal Nath ordered Authorities to complete design of Sita Temple and allot sufficient funds for its construction in this financial year itself. He made it clear, Officials representing Sri Lankan Government and Members of the Mahabodhi Society should be part of the committee which gonna monitor the construction activity.

BJP benefited a lot with the Campaign of 'Ram Temple in Ayodhya'. Is it now the turn of Congress to make use of 'Sita Temple in Sri Lanka' for political gains?

As per the Epic Ramayana, Demon Ravana kept Goddess Sita in confinement in Lanka after her abduction. What message does Kamal Nath wants to send to Indians by building Sita Temple in Sri Lanka?
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