Kotha Bangaru Lokham Actress Announces Separation!

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Kotha Bangaru Lokham gave Shwetha Basu Prasad, a National Award Winning Child actress, chance to enter Telugu Cinema as leading lady.

The movie became a success but she did not get many offers to build on her initial positive feedback. She was always maligned by some media group for running a prostitute ring.

She denied those allegations numerous times but still her name appeared on the top of the list, with some other actresses.

She left Telugu Cinema and continued to chase her dream in Mumbai. She found love and married Rohit Mittal in 2018.

Right before their marriage anniversary, the couple officially announced separation. Shwetha herself wrote a note on her Instagram account and said that the couple decided to amicably part ways.

They contemplated for months to arrive on the decision and once they have arrived on it, they made it public.

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