Shocking: Murder For Just 2 Rupees!

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Several People were left wondering how could that happen when they came to know about '5 Rupee Faction' for the first time. And now, Everyone is left stunned to hear about the murder which happened just for the sake of 2 Rupees.

Upon pumping air into the cycle tyre, Suvarna Raju asked Appa Rao to pay two rupees for the service offered by him. Appa Rao shouted, 'How dare to ask Me money?'. Then, Suvarna Raju mocked Appa Rao for hesitating to pay just 2 rupees. Appa Rao made it clear he won't even offer 2 paise to Suvarna Raju. This resulted in a heated argument between the two people. Appa Rao lost his cool and attacked Suvarna Raju with a knife. Suvarna Raju collapsed soon after getting hurt by the sharp object. Immediately, Locals rushed him to the GGH Hospital in Kakinada but he breathed his last while undergoing treatment.

Police registered a murder case. A search operation was launched to nab Appa Rao who is absconding ever since the death of Suvarna Raju. Locals informed Appa Rao and Suvarna Raju had the history of fighting frequently.

Some People don't realize the value of their life and that of others. Two Families suffered an irreparable loss just because of 2 rupees. This wouldn't have happened had if Appa Rao paid the amount he was supposed to pay.
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