Shiv Sena backs BJP, opposes Congress on CAB

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In the first ever indication of trouble within the Shiv Sena-Nationalist Congress – Congress combine in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena has reportedly decided to take a different stand on the Citizenship Amendment bill. The party has decided to side with the NDA when the bill to grant citizenship to the Hindu, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would be tabled in Parliament.

The BJP government’s bill is being staunchly opposed by the Congress and all its allies. But, Shiv Sen, its newfound ally, seems to have a different take on this issue. It has decided to support the bill when it gets introduced.

The Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party have decided to oppose the bill. This means, two of the parties would be on one side of the fence, while the other would be on the opposite side of the fence.

Sources said that the Congress Party has summoned Shiv Sena leaders to seek an explanation from them. It wants to understand why Shiv Sena has a different viewpoint.

Shiv Sena, a long time partner of the BJP in the NDA, has recently quit the alliance and joined hands with the Congress Party to form Maha Vikash Aghadi.  The Shiv Sena had even agreed to incorporate the word “secular” in the common minimum programme of the three parties.
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