Shiv Sena Demands BJP To Ban Burqa In India

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Shiv Sena placed a sensational demand before it's alliance partner BJP. The Political Party gave a call for a ban on burqa in the country.

Sri Lankan Government is mulling to implement Burqa Ban after the Easter Terror Attacks which claimed more than 250 lives. Now, Shiv Sena wants the Indian Government to bring a ban on the usage of burqa by women in the country.

In the editorial of the party mouth-pieces Saamana and Dopahar Ka Saamana, Shiv Sena pointed out that Security Forces face difficulties in identifying people if burqa is allowed. 'Those who wear burqas and face masks may pose a threat to the national security. Need as much courage as Surgical Strike to bring Burqa Ban,' highlights the editorial.  

Does NDA Government-led by Narendra Modi show so much courage to impose a ban on burqa? The call given by Shiv Sena will be debated all over the nation. Let's see how does Centre respond to the demand..!

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