Bigg Boss Telugu: Shilpa Evicted From Bigg Boss House

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Shilpa Chakraborty used to one of the most popular anchors in Tollywood. But, she has been staying away from the TV screens lately.

However, she recently became popular again with the ongoing third season of Telugu biggest reality show Bigg Boss. Last week, Shilpa Chakraborty entered the Bigg Boss house as the second wild card entry. Ali Reza got eliminated last week. Now, this week Shilpa Chakraborty is in the nominations. Apart from her, Punarnavi, Srimukhi, Himaja, and Mahesh are also in the danger zone. But, as per the latest reports, Shilpa Chakraborty is the one who was going to bid her goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. Nagarjuna is going to announce about Shilpa Chakraborty's elimination in tomorrow's episode.

On the other hand, Vithika Sheru became the house captain yesterday and the show has recently completed 50 days. We have to wait and see if the Bigg Boss makers will introduce another wild card entry or not.
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