This Legendary Actor Expresses Shock Over #MeToo!

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Many women have come forward to talk about the sexual harassment they had to face in the Film Industry, in the hands of successful men.

They shared their hardships with the tag, #MeToo and many men had to loose their credibility and carers, as well.

Even few legendary actors names came forward and people couldn't really take that their favorite actors like monsters before.

Shatrughan Sinha who is known for being sarcastic and witty, expressed shock that his name did not appear in the #MeToo list.

He said that he is happy that women decided to not name him and let him be. He also said that he did a lot and had they came out, he would have been in trouble.

Anyways, he clarified that he joked and said that women don't mind him as he is just a funny guy. BJP is unable to handle his comments lately.