Sharwa's Good Old Memories With PK & Trivikram

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At the pre-release event of 'Ranarangam', Sharwanand recalled the fond memories he had with both Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas.

Regarding Pawan Kalyan: 'Before I became an Actor, I used to go to the set of Pawan Kalyan garu's films to watch him. When I met him Today after so many years, Pawan Sir mentioned about the days I used to visit his film shoots and appreciated the work I have been doing. Kalyani Priyadarshan wondered how can a superstar like PK be so simple. I told her Pawan Sir left all the luxuries to serve the people. He made my day by recognizing Me'.

Regarding Trivikram: 'I met Trivikram garu for a role during my struggling days. He was a Star Writer even before becoming a Director. Then, Trivikram told he would make a film with Me when I become a hero. Today, I am standing in front of him'.

Who knows, Trivikram could be roping Sharwanand as hero for his next flick after completion of Allu Arjun's project. This is a combination most people would love to see happen.
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