Sharad Pawar Sensational Comments On Modi's Plan

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NCP chief Sharad Pawar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested 'working together' but rejected his offer. His statements came three days after the political high drama in Maratha land ended.

Pawar also confirmed the news of cabinet posts offered to him and his daughter Supriya Sule is true. He said these comments in an interview given to a Marathi TV Channel.

'Modi had offered me to work together. I told him that our personal relations are very good and they will remain that way but it is not possible for me to work together,' he said.

Sharad Pawar said he has warned his nephew Ajit Pawar of dire consequences of ditching the party and his acts are unpardonable.

'I later told him what he did was unpardonable. That anybody (doing so) will have to bear the consequences and you are no exception,' Pawar observed
'At the same time there is a big section (in NCP) which has 'asthaa' (faith) in him... He gets things done,' he added.
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