NCP Planning To Take U-Turn On Government Formation

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A new development took place in Maharashtra politics, which is taking interesting turns and twist for a month. Last week, it is expected that NCP-Shiv Sena-Congress will form the new government in the state.

It has been reported that NCP chief Sharad Pawar will hold a meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the tie-up with Shiv Sena regarding the government formation as the deadlock will end in 25 days.

After the party's core meeting at Pawar's residence in Mumbai, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has announced on this. The core committee has a view that ongoing President Rule in the state should end and the alternative government should be formed soon, said Malik.

Addressing the media, Sharad Pawar said," BJP-Shiv Sena fought together, we (NCP) and Congress fought together in the elections. They have to choose their path and we will do our politics."

According to sources, Congress has asked the Shiv Sena to get rid of its Hindutva agenda to take a secular stand on various issues in the state.
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